The Medellín Film Commission is a strategy of the Secretariat for Economic Development that seeks to strengthen the audiovisual and film industry, promoting the competitiveness of production companies and professionals in the field. We work to make Medellín an attractive destination for audiovisual production, enhancing local talent and promoting the city as a great location for filming foreign productions.

Through the one-stop shop we assist in the management of the necessary procedures to advance the application for permits, in the use of public spaces in the city for audiovisual productions. We offer a directory of locations where you can see the different public spaces of the city that serve as support for local, national and international productions.

We are looking to strengthen the local industry, providing training opportunities for the professionalization of the sector, offering economic support for productions, which we are seeking to use as a way to articulate the promotion processes of the city with the film and audiovisual sector.