Medellín Film Commissionn


The Medellín Film Commission is the strategy of the Medellín Mayor’s Office which supports the audiovisual industry and promotes the internationalization of the city by offering advice to companies and professionals who plan to develop any kind of project in Medellín.

We work on 4 lines: One-stop shop for permits, promotion, development and training.

  • We manage permits for shootings in public spaces through the One-stop shop.
  • We promote Medellín as a great location for national and foreign filming and productions.
  • We promote projects through incentives and stimulus.
  • We accompany companies for the formalization and qualification of the field.
  • We offer specialized training opportunities.

The Film Commission promotes local investment through national and local incentives:

  • Up to 60% cash rebate of the expenses in audiovisual and logistics services for local and foreign projects with the Colombia Film Fund (FFC) 
  • Up to 35% transferable tax credit of the expenses in audiovisual and logistics services for foreign projects with the Certificates of Audiovisual Investment in Colombia (CINA)
  • An additional 10% rebate in audiovisual and logistics services incurred in the city of Medellín through FilMedellín’s Incentive.

The city also has qualified local talent, unique and diverse locations, a one-stop shop for filming permits and production requirements, and an International Airport that provides direct flight services from the US and Europe.

Medellín has a significant technological and urban development and also has the advantage of having, within a few kilometers of separation, unique locations ranging from tropical forest to urban landscapes and historical architecture. Many towns near Medellín preserve heritage buildings that fit perfectly for historical recreations.

In urban matters, the city has very diverse historical references, added to modern structures with great design. And all this without leaving aside the characteristic neighborhood structure that extends along the city hillsides, which creates an unique urban landscape.

Parks, museums, churches, libraries, a sports complex and ecological reserves are connected by a transportation system that runs throughout Medellín. But studios, service companies and private locations are also part of the audiovisual environment of the city.

In our catalogue of locations you can find different public spaces that serve as support for the production of all types of audiovisual content. 

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